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General Accountabilities of the Board

The mission of the MPRA, advocated through its board of directors, in centred around “identifying, advocating and acting on neighbourhood concerns in order to enhance Moore Park.” More technically, board members serve the community of Moore Park as per the association’s by-Laws. For example, directors must be residents of Moore Park, must not be undischarged bankrupts and must not have criminal records.

Ideally, the board would be comprised of representatives from all four geographic quadrants of Moore Park (volunteer participation notwithstanding)  Board recruitment policy also aims to match individual skill sets with the needs of the Board’s various portfolios.
The Board usually meets monthly, with the exception of July and August, in addition to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Between meetings, which take place in the homes of MPRA Directors, business is conducted via e-mail and telephone.
MPRA Board Member Responsibilities
  • To attend a majority of board meetings
  • To reply promptly to e-mail business
  • To maintain good standing as a member of the MPRA, including payment of annual dues (currently $25)
  • To promote MPRA sponsored events and help deliver the newsletter
  • To become involved in at least one of the board’s projects or portfolios (examples include: Trees, Pests and Pesticides, Zoning and Planning, Newsletter, Communication, Traffic, Membership and Moorevale Park
Each director is appointed for a term of two years, with half of the board “retiring” in alternating years. In practice, many directors serve multiple terms.
The board consists of up to 20 directors and is chaired by a president who serves a two year term. Other executive roles include a vice-president, past-president and treasurer.
Qualifications of Board Members
Most portfolios do not require specific expertise. The strongest qualification is a passion for the neighbourhood combined with a willingness to contribute to the work of the MPRA in a meaningful way that is not corrupted by personal agendas.
Ideally, the board roster will include at least one chartered accountant, a lawyer and a city planner.
Interested? To contact us about joining the MPRA, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or fill out our membership form.